Alpert Enterprises Live & Silent Auctions


Looking for travel packages and one-of-a-kind experiences that you can use to help your non-profit raise money? To check out the offerings of some of our partner vendors, click here (partner vendor #1) and click here (partner vendor #2).

Alpert Enterprises prides itself on helping organizations raise money for their cause through unique and energy filled live auctions. The team does this with a style like no one else, bringing out the best (and best bidders) in the room. Led by Jason Alpert, Alpert Enterprises’ ability to interact and entertain crowds sets them apart from others. They’ll research the live auction items and the type of people in your audience, which enables them to help entice your potential buyers to donate money to support your special cause. Alpert Enterprises’ team has strong vocal skills and crowd interaction tactics that make the company an essential asset to any event.

In addition to running your live and silent auctions, Alpert Enterprises can also help you raise money by providing consignment-based items for your silent auction at no risk to you. Choose from thousands of pieces of sports & celebrity memorabilia, travel rewards, and jewelry at no risk to you or your organization.

Don’t only take our word for it. Take Mark Thompson’s word for it. He’s the Executive Director of Special Olympics – Miami-Dade County.

Browse Live and Silent Auction Videos:

lsa video 1 thumb Live & Silent AuctionsSpecial Olympics Live Auction
lsa video 2 thumb Live & Silent AuctionsSpecial Olympics Raffle

Ran the live auction for Miami-Dade County’s annual Inspire Greatness Awards

Conducted the raffle for Miami-Dad County’s annual Inspire Greatness Awards Gala

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