Live Auctioneers and Fundraising Consultants

Alpert Enterprises’ Live Auctioneers are really only part live auctioneers. We believe we are as much fundraising and event consultants and entertainers as we are “just” live auctioneers.

First and foremost, we are fundraising and event consultants. We firmly believe that no one gets as involved with the planning of the fundraising elements of an event than Alpert Enterprises.

We are part of the meetings, e-mails and conference calls that go into putting on a great event. Our core competency is in the fund raising portion of the event, but since we do almost 200 events a year, we can bring ideas and suggestions to the table to benefit all aspects of your event.

We know the importance of becoming vested in your mission. We believe the donors can see right through an auctioneer who doesn’t understand or believe in the mission. For this reason, we will make sure we understand your mission and not only what you’re raising funds for, but who are you raising funds for. We want your guests to know that we truly understand the plight of your organization.

We help our charities come up with great, 100% donated fundraising elements. It’s not only about live auction items. It’s about all your fundraising elements for any fundraising platform that best fits your event; live auction items, silent auction items, opportunity drawing prizes, etc. We also have relationships with the country’s most reputable companies who provide auction items to charity auctions.

We also assist with writing scripts and making sure the different fundraising elements are appropriately executed. On the night of the event, we become the stage manager making sure everything goes as planned.

Secondly we are entertainers. We will make sure the guests have a better time at the event because we’re a part of your show.

We don’t ever put on a “just” an auction. We want to put on an auction show with musical accompaniment, video clips, and scripted lines for your committee and staff to become part of the show. We love surprises, but we hate to be surprised. Everything you see is all part of the show.

We know not all attendees will bid in a live auction, but we make sure those who are bidding are bidding high and bidding often, while the others are paying attention and captivated by the show, the program, and the mission. Once we have them doing that, we can be assured that we are set up for a successful Bid From the Heart.

The part of the program we call the Bid From the Heart is also called the Fund a Need, The Ask, the Give, the Paddle Raise, etc. Whatever you call it, just know we believe that it is the most important fundraising element of your entire event. The Bid from the Heart is the easiest funds you’ll get. As long as we work together with our charities to follow the Four Keys to a Successful Bid From the Heart, we can guarantee success during this part of the program.

Thirdly, we are all state licensed and certified live auctioneers. In many states, including our home state of Florida, if you’re getting paid to do a live auction, you’re supposed to be licensed to do so. We are all full-time benefit auctioneers licensed in many states. We’re not local DJ’s who do a charity fundraiser now and again.

We don’t own a local consignment shop with public auctions every Friday night a charity fundraiser as a favor to a friend on Saturday nights. All we do are charity fundraisers.

And finally, we can also be the emcee for your program. We don’t have to be the only emcee at your event, but we typically encourage groups to use us in that role or at least as part of that role. We think it benefits your event because we’ve helped put together the script and run of show, so we know the program as well as anyone. We can make sure it runs just like you want it to. Additionally, we believe it helps the fundraising portion of the program when people have heard of our voices and seen our faces before we ask for the money. It helps us build a rapport with your donors.

For almost two decades, Alpert Enterprises has helped charities raise more than $200,000,000 to support its worthy causes. Allow us to bring our formula for success to your organization.

Let's have a successful event

We believe the little things are the big things.